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René Samuels
Owner & Producer & Background Singer


René Samuels started writing music as a leader of the band Charade around the end of the 80's . The style back then was a mix of pop with jazz influences. Begin 90's, Sample Studio Productions was born as a specialised studio, producing custom made backtracks and originals for artists, combined with an agency to facilitate companies and venues in the event business domain. Right on Track ((backing)vocal group) was a product based on the creative activities during that time. After a full professional musician and event manager period, René started working again in administration and IT as Sam's Studio Company. During the following years, he never stopped being productive in the music scene. Check out the website for the latest.


Job Schapendonk
Band Member 


Job Schapendonk (1988) started his first keyboard lessons at age 6 and had five years of

of private lessons with Tom Akkermans. When he teacher quit, Job decided to continue studying his passion at home.


After some time, Job had finished 12 textbooks with accompanying audio and he had become quite skilled in playing, as well as in notation and music theory.


His musicality did not go unnoticed. In the summer of 2001, at the age of 12, Job became a musical accompanist on piano/keyboard with several choirs. During that same period, Job also received lessons on church organ from Richard van Grinsven. Richard has played a major role in Job's musical learning curve and has thus been an important teacher.


Today, Job has built around him a wide circle of regular customers in the choral sector who use his musical services with great satisfaction.


Back in  2007, he rolled into the cover band circuit and played in several bands.  They once played his music live on Radio538!


In September 2014, Job started the vocational training to become a music producer/sound engineer at the Volver Sound Academy in Tilburg where he was taught by Jasper Zuidervaart. He graduated from this course in 2016.


On 1 January 2020, Job started his own sole proprietorship as performing musician under the trade name "Job Schapendonk keyboardist" in which he continues his musical activities for various clients.


Job joined the Voice2it band in 2023.


Deborah Jacobs
Bankground Singer


To follow soon